First Bite: The Slider House

Nashville Scene | Chris Chamberlain

Sharing a wall, parking lot and at least one owner with Soulshine Pizza, The Slider House in Midtown seeks to fulfill the late-night munchie needs of Nashvllians as they spill out of bars in the area. With a last call for food at 3 a.m. scheduled to coincide with closing hours at marathon drinking spots, it might just be your go-to destination for late night cravings.

Notice I said “your go-to destination.” Not that I didn’t like it on my first visit or won’t be returning. I just went for lunch since the last time I saw 3 a.m. was from the other side when I had to wake up early to catch a flight.

Back to that parking lot, finding a spot for your jalopy can be tricky at any hour in Midtown, so The Slider House offers valet during most of the hours that they are open for $2. It would be worth the price just to watch the young valets from Soulshine, The Slider House and Chuy’s battle to find the few available legal spots left.

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